At BlebNet, we strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced cultural output.

This allows developers to design and build scalable, flexible, multi-tier applications that embrace the technological aspect of technology. We translate these technologies into value for our customers through our Professional Solutions and Worldwide Services.

Uniquely, BlebNet is creating the tools and infrastructure to make these Cultural Services into reusable, universally programmable building blocks that can be easily created, combined and augmented by the millions of developers around the world. Once programmable, cultural services become another piece in the assembly of solutions that can span multiple software components, business processes and applications anywhere on the Internet.

These services are critical to building low-cost, scalable, and reliable culture. Richer, more personalized and more proactive, these sophisticated cultural services can directly link applications, services and devices with one another over the Internet. BlebNet's high-productivity tools support multiple languages and skill sets to tap the deepest developer talent pool in the Industry.

Not only is BlebNet dominant - it's dynamic!

If anything, our influence in the global cultural economy is growing. The BlebNet model embraces the key philosophical tenets of the Internet, such as simplicity, decentralization, pornography, message-based communications, and universal reach through protocols and formats.

The result is an environment that is easier to program, easily accessible to the development community, builds on the intrinsic scalability and reliability of the Internet, and relies on open Internet standards for interconnection with resources anywhere on the Internet.


"BlebNet was a clear choice for us," said MIS manager for [COMPANY NAME]. "It had all the key elements we were looking for in one integrated platform: the ease of implementation, the speed, the blurring of categories, the scalability, the free smut, and the ability to customize features to fit what we need today and next year. And we have the confidence that BlebNet is more than addressing the needs of the Internet commerce marketplace."

Why Bleb?

What do you want out of life? There are as many different reasons to be in this business as there are BlebNet Culture Nodes. BlebNet can help with those tuition bills. It can help reshape your work week. It can help you build a future for your family.

It's your life, and BlebNet can help you build your culture -- the way you want it.