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QTVR panorama :: The Beach of Boobies [112k]

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pleflackingbutty on vacation

"I started the day out by poping 6 purple xanax and buying a case of Natty Ice. Then I took a few shots of Ice 101, half a bottle of Bacardi, little bit of Wild Berry snops, and took a nice drink of straight Vodka. I was drinking fast so that the pills would kick in and boy did they ever. By about 12 I start puking, and Pedro had to pee really bad.

"Anyway, here comes the funny part.

"The lines for the Port-O-Potty's were extremely long, so Pedro decided to drop her drawers, hang her ass over the river and pee in the river. So we decide, well Jeff decides to go back to the girls hotel bedroom. I go into the bathroom to take a dump but manage to fall asleep on the toilet bowl!! Jeff enters the bathroom to find me with my pants down around my ankles just after taking a dump. Then we got kicked out of the hotel.

"Needless to say, we were pissed by the time we left the bar.

"We drove back to the house at 80 mph in a 35mph zone. I rolled the window down and LOST IT! I mean puke everywhere!! On myself, on him, the side of the car, the whole inside. The rear window looked like the scene from Plup Fiction when they blew the kids head off! He relized what was happening when he felt a spraying on his neck.

"Somehow, we made it to my house where I stumbled out of the car and miraculously made it to my basement couch.

"Fast forward to 8:30 am, half hour until the flight leaves. We drag him to the shower because quite frankly, he reeks of piss, and I tell him to make sure he washes his face. He emerges from his shower dry, wearing the same clothes and the writing on his face isn't even smudged. Whatever, he was going to miss his flight if we didn't leave right then and there, so we did. He spent all of takeoff and most of the flight in the bathroom puking his guts out. He got to Canada alright though.

"Too make a long story short I woke up the next morning on cushions drenched with urine with 5 bucks a hangover and everybody telling me youre f@#king crazy but it was hilarious.

"See YA Next 4TH!"

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