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Uncle Vannevar says howdy!
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[begin transcription]

"So what the fuck. You're saying Vannevar Bush was an alien? That's so reductionist. Just because someone has total secular control doesn't automatically imply they're one of Them."

"Shyeah right! You can't get more Them than Bush. You think it's all just a coincidence? I suppose the National Security State just grew on a big tree like Las Vegas, huh? I mean think about it--he invented the first electric computer, but you never hear about him. Edison, Bell and Tesla are always on the Discover channel, but the head scientist for all of World War II is just some vague guy? He was totally one of Them."

"Yeah but the Templars were the most powerful economic force in medieval Europe and you never see anything about them either. "

"Not even true--I just saw a special on them."

"On which channel?"


"See what I mean? And besides, the Templars may have been descended from aliens, but that doesn't make them aliens. "

"Well that's arguable, but back to the subject. It's just logical to centralize control: rather than scatter agents through all the trailer parks in the world, why not just put a couple of your top guys in the really key positions, know what I'm saying?"

"So like, why couldn't Bush have just been using the information from his contact with the captive Grays? He was the Security Overlord after all. It sounds like you're just trying to raise him above the human level to create some kind of demi-god. Total messiah complex. There was a panel discussion on this at the last MUFON conference."

"That is a such an over-simplification. Just look at the facts: twinkley-eyed grandpa as the originator of the entire defense industry and of the Internet and head of the super-secret alien research council? Writer for the Atlantic Monthly and keeper of humankind's most insidious secrets? Fuckin' central casting is all I'm saying."

"Dude man, dispersed control mechanisms. That's what its all about. That was Vannevar's whole propaganda line."

"Overt propaganda line, hello? Disinfomation campaign? Donald Menzel? Carl Sagan? Can you say Aviary? Hello?? Of course Bush would be advocating dispersal of information and control when in reality he was the supreme agent for the total concentration of power and the ultra- compartmentalization of knowledge. Duh!"

"Whatever. It still doesn't mean Bush was an EBE. He could have been early mind control, he could have been remote implant, like with the radar stuff they had? Or he could even have been a full scale construct. He did have contact with Disney you know. There's just no reason to go dropping aliens into all the top government slots when other explanations work just as well or better. Its like, reifying and paranoid."

"You call it paranoid, I call it awake. Just like in that movie Dune when Agent Cooper yells 'sleeping has a waking!" Cause it's time to wake up while we still have the chance." "You mean the guy from Blue Velvet?"

"Yeah, right."

"I only remember Sting."

"With the hair."

'And the knife. Oh yeah, he kills Sting. And there's that floating fat guy."

"Right. That was cool. But it's like, you have to watch out you don't wake up into a dream that They've built for you, you know? Cause there's fuckin' aliens everywhere these days, man. Skateboards, head shops, movies. If anyone is an alien, it's probably Will Smith"

Boss Kulturr

"Or Will Smith's agent."

"Right. Exactly. Its all about cultural control. They want you to believe."

[end transcription]