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Q:    Why did the Aliens choose me?

A:    If the Aliens chose you over the neighbor's child it is probably because of one main factor which is also the main reason some businesses succeed while others fail -- opportunity.

It is no coincidence that most abductions, like most high-level business meetings, occur in private or secluded areas away from prying eyes of parents, grandparents, or law enforcement officials. And as any milk carton will tell you, children left to play alone in the field, in the woods, or out back away from the house, are more vulnerable to abductions than children who are in a good training seminar.

Criminals stalking their victims or stockbrokers going after the perfect deal both wait for the perfect moment of vulnerability to strike, and the Aliens operate in a similar fashion. Also like the savvy financial trader or the common thief, once the Aliens have found a good mark they stick to them! Thus begins a lifetime of abduction experiences.

As children grow into teens and then adults, they participate in activities which make them more available for easier abductions: hiking, camping, binge drinking, meaningless sexual encounters, and just plain wandering away from the family gathering in a morose daze. If this does not seem plausible to you, consider your own situation. Why are corporations considered legal human beings? How did George Bush REALLY become president? Is everybody looking at you every time you turn around? Why can't you remember anyone's name? You may be unaware of how deep your roots go into childhood abductions.

As an adult, you may also be pondering over your nighttime abductions. What does sleeping at night have in common with being alone as a child? The answer is simple -- hypnogogia. Waking dream states. That's how the world's most successful business leaders keep our economy going and it's how the Aliens do their "business" too. Nighttime also reduces the Aliens' risk of being visually spotted by the military, and you can be sure that the Aliens hate having the Feds involved as much as any crook or CEO. And like criminals and corporations, we can assume the Aliens would simply be safer from any attack if They can avoid being seen hovering above people's homes.

Sometimes the Aliens do choose people for specific biological characteristics; indications are that They are conducting genetic research on us and are observing the results from one generation to the next. If this seems odd, consider the expensive and difficult research being done in medical laboratories worldwide. Don't our scientific researchers alter animals' genetic code then watch what happens with the offspring of that group? Looking at it from an Alien research perspective, the patent rights alone could easily be worth billions, to say nothing of the literally astronomical profit should the Aliens come to market with an successful product based on the genetic code of all Earth people!

Although this may all sound very dramatic and may even have huge investment potential, keep in mind that the Alien influence extends over our lives in many less obvious ways. Many people can spend an entire lifetime without knowing they were ever abducted or even without knowledge of the suprahuman organisms spreading across our globe. As one person said while looking over her stock portfolio, "If I've been abducted, then I don't want to know about it." And for her, it's probably best if she never finds out what happened.