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The scientists said their frog showed no signs of distress
after floating in the air inside a magnetic cylinder.

But judging from its exasperated expression and irritated mime gestures, the frog seemed to have its's own opintions on the matter. Citing security concerns, the scientists nevertheless refused to allow the distressed looking amphibian out of its sealed fusion bottle to speak to journalists.

"No can do. Highly enturbulated orbitals in that froggie," Explained the scientists. "Besides," they continued. "It likes total vacuums now, and so we don't want to disorient it or, uh, let it touch our air. Or, um, let it come near us..."

"Aye, thar be the case," chimed in a nearby technician adjusting his eyepatch with a salty scowl. "Sealed frogs tell no tales." The scientists looked slightly embarassed but made no rebuttal to the technician's claim. When inquired about his assertion, the technician growled "arr!" and with a stomp of his wooden leg, pointed his hook at the gathered press corps. "Properly warned be ye says I. Let magnetic frogs lie!"

The scientists abrubtly cleared their throats and, making a move for the door, announced that cheese and crackers were to be served on the benches of the laser lab. The room quickly emptied as the technician resumed his swabbing.

The frog could not be reached for further comment.