bleb | hive Blop!

And yet for all these wonders, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

For example any change to your Information Persona, whether input via your home network or your handheld or your smart credit card, any change will be made instantly and automatically be available everywhere that Information is desired. A holistic experience across devices. Personalization everywhere. Zero management.

Your Infomatic Identity will have the loosest slots in town! It will be able to get it on with any hot bits that catch its passing fancy. No more chastity belt for your datahood--now is the time for Info Liberation. A REAL sexual liberation. The fecundity of your personal Code.

You see the first Information or "sexual" revolution was merely biological and resulted in the same tired metaphors and socioeconimic dilly-dally. This next wave of Liberation, the post-biological Information Revolution will result in perversity and debauch which will remain unthinkable in the flesh world for many months to come.

Will all this be as sexy as it sounds on paper? Well first of all, paper doesn't sound sexy. As any pubescent key whacker will franticly tell you, screen literacy is the sex ed of this Final Millenium, sp you can put that paper rustling to bed and pull up some pixels if you want a go at the Infoporn game.

In fact coming and going don't mean the same thing at all anymore. Now you can be coming AND going in several dimensions at once! Try that with some physical substrate like paper or genitalia.