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BlebNet Research Programs

Because culture is a field of ever shifting of fields, the mere "cutting edge" is no longer good enough to keep abreast of the current state of culture - technologically accelerated development has converted such "innovations" into nostalga before they even exist! Which is why BlebNet maintains a vast system of Blue Sky research n/modes, keeping us ahead of the curve and beyond the head.

Exactly what research are we up to? Of course we can't simply tell you or it wouldn't be research. But generally speaking, socially constitutive semiotic systems must destroy non-productive semiotic systems in order to move towards ever greater efficiency, even if this means maintaining the ruins of some polyvocal modes within well-defined enclosures (DG ATP 180). Our research m/nodes targets these ruins for revitalization and renewal before they even exist, thereby bringing you the results of their decay without the cumbersome mediation of semiotic domestication. This launches our research beyond bloody-cut edges and into a zone of post-industrial edgelessness which remains unmatched in the Industry.

At BlebNet, we're so far outside the box, you'll know what we're doing before we do - and that's a promise.

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