Hey, let me be the first to admit
that I'm into aesthetics.

The Future(tm) -- You Can Buy It Now!

But why does that have to make me fascist? Fuck, man! I mean, you can't even be into Beauty anymore without someone claiming that you're making a case for totalitarian obscurantist control. It's just not fair! So what if i think the body is obsolete? Just lay off!!

Besides, progress is inevitable anyway. Soon you'll be able to appliqué designer "neurotranny" salves to your flesh -- a dermal patch for a little brainy zip? Or maybe in a lip balm base daubed beneath the nostrils? Or perhaps the latest in synaptic lubricants kept in fashionable hip flasks -- have yourself a wee nip of the neural scintillation to force the meat into real productivity!

Sweating like a pig, teeth grinding, thinking too quickly to speak coherently, turned into a wizened wad of twitching, trivia-spouting pain by age 35, gray matter resembling an overused dishrag... those will be the days!

And then no one will make fun of me for wanting to upload my consciousness. Then you'll all see!!!

Bleb} Temple} Posse} Gort