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User Posse

Who says the Cyber Caste is all exactly the same with only minor variations?
Behold the diversity!


Hey there.
Power User ++ here.
You know the future is coming on waves of compressed sand, don't you?


The only thing that keeps this ugly meat-thing alive is my Boundless Optimism.


Electricity is the Force of Desire personified, no? Eh?


The Myth of Virtuality is a necessary replacement for our lost oracles....

My GOD I am so wired!


Whut are you lookin' at? You lookin' at me? Ain't nobody here 'cept me. So Whut are you lookin' at? You lookin' at me?


"Identity Meta-Marketing." What a stupid fucking idea. I should have stuck with biometric theft deterent devices, but noooooo....


A "network router" did someone say? Make mine a double -- a twisted pair if you will, ha ha!

By the by, that reminds me of my stunning animated GIF colection.


I have looked deep into the Shape and know the Future to be True. Verily the Elect shall be Uploaded, and the day of the Rope is coming....


What are you wearing?

Bleb} Temple} Posse