"Hotty Techno Dome d'Guug"

"I felt it one night when i was working on a deluxe capacitance system -- it was a pattern like water flowing over stone in the sunlight... I guess I had put my plyers in the wall outlet by mistake. Ah, but it is the mistakes that are the voice of the Unknown speaking through our own hands, eh?

It was after I regained what you humans call "consciousness" that I understood the full Meaning of Electricity, and the meaning of It is precisely that It cannot be understood. Oh yes yes, ritualistic gestures can be used to supplicate Its mighty forces, but It remains outside the bounds of human control and understanding. Don't you see?

All the piddly science surrounding Electricity is just religious structures and taboos, while at the center remains a mystery, a Will that says "no-no" to all attempts to reduce It to a mere formula. The Electricity is not quite like a god, but maybe like a happy animistic spirit that wants to eat you. So that is why I always leave a little dish of cookies beside each wall outlet. Well you asked.

Bleb} Temple} Posse} Guug