For an associative, heterarchical network to be closely aligned with an hierarchical network it is necessary that the associative network be structured into different level clusters: clusters of processes, clusters of clusters of processes, money clusters ha ha, and so on.

arg ar arg arg gag arg agar agarga raga tgargarg agra

So this is what I have done with my proposed layout of the cubicles. You can see here by these little green boxes the way I've grouped people in this tight little bunch? Well this is a representation of the "fractal structure of mind" -- although, of course, one does not really have an infinite hierarchy here as in mathematical fractals. Just give me the fucking key to the bathroom. Oh no no, rather these cubicles represent a finite hierarchy as in fractal pictures viewed a computer, a computer, a compoo-poo.

You see, I superset everything. I look at that CD and I say "that is a smallish round thing, like a circle." And circles are the, uh, the bigger set -- do you understand? Now If one knew the statistics of the hierarchical network of a given mind, my mind, you want my mind? you want it?? Well if you knew it, then the fractal dimension of this cluster hierarchy could be accurately estimated, and I would be reduced to nothingness. And this is why the cubicles MUST be organized in this EXACT way. I have warned you.

This concludes my presentation.

Bleb} Temple} Posse} Jolf