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Ubermench Ahoy!

Picture yourself leaving work, traveling or walking through a parking lot, or even mowing your lawn all day long. Will these ordinary acts get you the attention you deserve? What steps can you take to ensure you are "on the radar"?

Have you ever had the feeling someone is watching you? If not, how can you learn to cultivate this feeling?

Do you struggle with starting your lawn mower or snow blower or weed whacker? When you're trying to think of solutions inside of your own head, do you ever wish you knew how the darn thing works?

Now you can change everything with this easy step-by-step program, all from the comfort of your own brain! It's a basic manual for using yourself and getting yourself used to the best of your ability.

These principles can help you:
  • use mind control to solve problems fast
  • change unwanted responses such as anxiety, fear, and remorse
  • tap the riches of your creativity and still do nothing
  • recover more quickly and easily from illness and injuries
  • learn how to kill those who obstruct you with ruthless efficiency
  • communicate more effectively with nonlethal discourse methods
  • draw the luscious attention of society's seemy underbelly while remaining invisible from the interpellating forces of authority
In addition to the legal, safety and ethical considerations, you will even learn how these skills can be applied in service for the benefit of all humankind.